How You Can Help

There are three great ways you can support Stories of Bike.

Consider choosing an option that suits you best.

Why We Need Your Help

We love making Stories of Bike videos. But on top of managing our day jobs, it's always tricky to make an episode regularly.

Even though we've become pretty good at creating each episode, we do so in our own time, using mostly borrowed or older equipment. The result is that we can't always put out a video each month and have little to no budget for episodes. This limits what we can shoot, when we can shoot and how regularly we can put out an episode.

Also, as travel and accommodation can get costly, we're pretty much limited to shooting around my home in Sydney, Australia.

So, with your support we can invest in more equipment and travel to more locations (even shoot in countries outside of Australia!).

But most importantly, we can spend more time on crafting high quality episodes that you've come to expect and release them more often. Maybe even more than one a month!

However you decide to help, every little bit makes a difference!