Your Response to Dream

At the end of March I posted the last video for Season 1 of Stories of Bike and the response since has been amazing.

Now at just on 50,000 views, it's been the fastest viewed episode we've released so far and has now eclipsed FIVE episodes that came before it.

Did you miss Episode 10?

When I first met Jodie, I knew it would be a great episode, but at the same time I did consider that I was taking a risk telling a longer format story and with our first female rider. But, thanks to your response, it's great to know that you have enjoyed these elements. But there's something else, when all the elements combined, that makes her episode something special.

I caught up with Jodie around Easter for a ride through Sydney's Old Pacific Highway (one of the great rides in the area) and she said that the response she has received from friends and family has been wonderful too.

When I mentioned how many views the episode had recieved so far she laughed and said "Oh, that's most likely my Mum just watching it over and over."

So what did you think? Have you watched Dream a second time? What made this episode special to you?