Thruxton Run - A New Series

"Another series?!" you ask?

Yes. Yes it is.

If you've watched any Stories of Bike episode (well the later ones anyway), you know that I'm not one for going with trends. I'm keen to get away from the stereotypical motorcycle videos and bring you something that goes beyond the motorcycle and get into the people that bring motorcycles, for all of us, to life.

3 years ago I released the episode "Flipside" with custom builder, Wenley Andrews. With his video it is the only dedicated builder that I've featured in all the Stories of Bike episodes. The reason for this is that Wenley wears his heart on his sleeve. He has no pretensions and simply loves building custom bikes.

I've photographed 3 of his bikes and each time we have a great time hanging out. So when he came to me and asked if I'd like to film his custom build of a Triumph Thruxton R in time for the Throttle Roll bike show..... it was an offer I needed to consider carefully.

Wenley not crying

Wenley not crying

Well, I say that because I know what's involved in filming a build. You can't just go and shoot for 2 or 3 days and be done. One needs to be there... a lot. Lots of repeat visits and regular updates to ensure you capture the ebb and flow of a build. So with that, I suggested that we do a weekly video instead. Nothing as polished as the regular Stories of Bike episodes, but something fast and loose that somehow captures the frantic timeline that Wenley is working toward to get this bike completed in 8 weeks. Something that would normally take 6 months to do.

This series is about us both doing something different, under pressure and with a lot of people watching. We'll be unpolished, rushed and emotional. But we'll certainly have some laughs along the way and hopefully reveal some of the art that goes into what we do.

Enjoy the show and we'd love to hear your feedback about this new series.


This series is supported by Triumph Motorcycles Australia, Throttle Roll, Gasoline Motor Co and Pipeburn.