The Music of Stories

Firstly, Stories of Bike is stupid lucky to have its own music composer.

Secondly, we’re pretty sure the videos we produce would have nowhere near the effect they have on our viewers without the quality music each video contains.

So who creates these wonderful tunes?

We pinged our music producer, Jack Elkins (yes, little bro to Stories of Bike founder Cam Elkins) a bunch of questions to get busy on so we could gently have a peek inside of his creative head.

And here’s what he came back with.


1.       How did you get started in making music?

It was around the time I started high school, I was introduced to a program called Fruity Loops by one of my brothers’ friends. I was completely absorbed into the art of composing and spent most of my time learning how to create music by copying other artists and playing with all the functions of the program and after many years had started to have a large collection of tracks that range throughout different electronic genres such as drum and bass, psy-trance, breaks and techno.

By the time I had finished high-school I had developed an in depth knowledge of creating intricate electronic music and continued develop as an artist/producer as I moved to Brisbane and finished my apprenticeship as a shoe-repairer. As all my knowledge was self-taught I wanted to get a professional edge and decided to do a bachelor of sound production at SAE (School of Audio Engineering) which endowed my knowledge even deeper, heightened my production quality dramatically and opened my eyes to the world of post-production and audio for film and TV

2.       What are some of your favourite music styles and artists?

A the moment I’m really into glitch hop, artists like Mr Bill are my idols and people like him are pushing electronic music to new levels. I also really like Hermitude, Flume at the moment. My favourite all time artists are Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx and Freestylers.

3.       How did you get involved with Stories of Bike?

Cam had bought up the idea that he was creating a project involved in film production and mentioned the possibility of me helping create the soundtracks to the clips that would be developed. As I had a strong grasp in my degree with music for films I jumped at the offer and offered my abilities. Soon cam was sending me ideas and we started working on the first episode and it just kept rolling smoothly from there.



4.       Tell us about the process of writing a track for an episode.

First Cam does most of the shooting, editing and sends me a rough edit, usually with a reference track that he used to evoke a specific feeling from the film clip. My job is to create a piece of music that brings out that same emotive context. Certain points in the music are then aligned with key points in the video. Once the main timing points in the video are structured then I develop the flow from start to finish. There are usually several swaps and re-edits between Cam and I until we’re both happy.

5.       Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from the rush I get when I hear a well-developed and well produced piece of music. I mainly listen to electronic music but am open to all types of music. As a producer I try to listen to as much different music as possible.

6.       What’s your favourite track so far?

Each track has been my favourite until the next one is done, but I did think the last track (ep5) really worked well with Cam’s work and the production flowed nicely. I think we both had made many improvements over completing the first 4 episodes and each project continues to blow me away. I love it.

7.       What’s your favourite episode so far?

I think it’s between Peak Hour (ep4) and Origins (ep5). I love the cheekiness of Jordan in Peak Hour and the video has a really cool vibe. But I also think the story and the production of Origins is the beez neez. 

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