Season 3 Reveal

It's finally happening. 

After nearly 3 years of travelling, filming and editing. Stories of Bike: Season 3 is just around the corner. 

Watch the Season 3 reveal below.

Now, you're probably asking, "Why has it taken this long?!" Well, there's a bit of a story that goes with that.

Firstly, the easiest answer is just to say that I've been pretty busy. I've been working hard on the Roads We Ride series, a state government funded motorcycle safety initiative and a stack of other free lance projects that includes working with Royal Enfield, The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride and Triumph and others. It's been good work to get and when good work comes I really need to take it as it happens. Even though I started Stories of Bike nearly 5 years ago, for the first two and a half of those years, I was earning next to nothing and the heavy workload of late has been trying to make up for that.

Secondly, just life in general, including having a mental breakdown, raising three kids, nurturing a marriage, staying social and moving the family to a new house all takes up whatever spare time I have.


There's also a third reason two why it took so long and that was mostly me just waiting for the right moment. I wanted to get all the episodes finished before I started releasing them and i toyed with the idea of taking them on a bit of a roadshow. Unfortunately, I couldn't complete all of the episodes (and at this stage, still have a few episodes which I need to finish editing) and I just didn't have the time to do a roadshow. 

In between all of this I've been slowly tapping away on Stories of Bike and will have 7-8 new episodes coming to you over the next 12 months. These episodes will include:

  • "Faster" featuring Alicia Elfving (aka The Moto Lady)
  • "Fun Times Only" featuring Drew Hopkins (aka Bixby Moto)
  • "The Rebuild" featuring David Brow
  • "Blind Speed" featuring Ben Felten
  • "Untitled #1" featuring Max Hazan
  • "Untitled #2" featuring Matt Barton
  • "Untitled #3" featuring Jay LaRossa

If I have the time I may even film one more episode after this list. In addition to this list, you'll be seeing more Roads We Ride episodes, possible more RIDERS episodes and even a few one-off projects. 

Regardless, I'm just glad Stories of Bike: Season 3 is finally happening and I can get these stories out.