S2: Episode 1 Update

There's a funny thing about editing. Well, about making videos in general.

It's very much a fluid process. You don't just Shoot, Edit and Export. There's lots of tooing and froing. Particularly between the Shoot and Edit parts.

I did intend to shoot the Harley Ironhead this morning, but after some new paint and a clean down, Dan had some carby issues with it and wasn't able to ride it. Fortunately,  during the  his interview, Dan mentions his daily ride, a custom Kawasaki W650 by Deus Ex Machina and his original riding history with mostly Japanese bikes and we shot that instead. (Sooo, lucky!)

So, today, I tore poor Dan out of bed at 4:45am to go and shoot a few extra scenes. After only getting to bed a few hours earlier, I didn't think he looked too bad!

We had tried the morning before, but it raining and miserable. Today threatened rain as well, yet the weather radar showed a temporary respite. So off we went.

I just wanted to get some shots, that showed some peace and stillness, as this is something that Dan talks about while riding.

We did get rained on in the end. But it was worth it.