Roads We Ride - Waterfall Way

Waterfall Way has been one of the roads we have wanted to cover in this series for quite a while. Yet it was a road that I wasn’t familiar with despite having spent some of my childhood growing up in Armidale an hour or so drive west.  When I first spoke to Pete about the road, he described it like it was a magical place. The scenery, he said, was unlike anything else he’s ever seen. This was no understatement as Pete had ridden all over Australia on solo tours in some of the most remote and beautiful areas of the country.

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So, it was a chance happening when he was posted in Dorrigo as a paramedic when he discovered a road that sits in the top of his most favourite roads to ride. Today he’ll regularly commute to Dorrigo at the top of Waterfall Way from Coffs Harbour. The ride will take him along the base of the mountain through Bellingen and then up through the heritage listed Dorrigo National Park and its dense and sprawling rainforest and to the endless rolling hills of the plateau above.

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Despite its beauty, Pete says that Waterfall Way should most certainly be taken with caution as he talks us through a number of hazards unique to this road. Yet every day he rides Waterfall Way, it’s an opportunity for Pete to discover a new part of the road and the surrounding area.

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