Roads We Ride: The Oxley Highway

As Stories of Bike regulars will know, we’ve been working with Andrew from to create a series of short videos called ROADS WE RIDE for Transport for New South Wales’ motorcycling safety initiative. Together we’ve chosen some key local roads that have proven quite challenging to riders. We really wanted to go out with a bang this season, so we’ve pulled out all the stops on this one.

Oxley Highway - Full.00_00_27_08.Still006.jpg

Italy has the Stelvio Pass. America has Route 66. And for Australians who live along the Eastern Seaboard, the Oxley Highway is probably the one road that most motorcyclists will tell you is their favourite. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a rider who wouldn’t. Running west from the beach town of Port Macquarie, it offers pretty much every and any type of riding experience you could want. Open scenic straights, deep forest runs and hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of corners.

Oxley Highway - Full.00_02_23_17.Still013.jpg

Its key section can be found between the towns of Wauchope and Walcha over a distance of about 160 kilometres. The main challenge is the sheer amount of corners the route will require you to tackle. Experienced riders talk of a seemingly ‘never-ending’ series of turns that can easily catch you out, both with their difficulty and their ability to wear you down.

The piece focuses on local rider Alex, who was chosen for his impressive knowledge of the area and the sheer number of times he’s ridden the road, often with his wife Ann on the back. And while he usually tackles the Oxley on his late model BMW R1200GS, he was also kind enough to show us his classic and very collectible 1973 R75/5.

Oxley Highway - Full.00_01_39_20.Still010.jpg

Yes, it’s intended for local riders, but we genuinely think that anyone who rides will get a kick out of it. And as before, we’ve roped in the likes of Return of the Café Racers to help us spread the word.