Roads We Ride: Snowy Mountains

I’ve known Geordie and Zaya for about 4 years now and every time I catch up with them they bring a smile to my face. Their story is one that I’ve been wanting to tell for some time and, being regular riders to the Australia’s best alpine region, once the opportunity came up to do a Roads We Ride episode on the Snowy Mountains I knew this one was for them.

Anyone who’s ridden the Snowy Mountains knows that it’s not a ride to be taken lightly. Full of dramatic views, rapidly changing environments and seemingly unending options for exploration, the Snowy Mountains ride is certainly one to keep you entertained.

In this episode of Roads We Ride, produced in partnership with and Transport for New South Wales, you’ll get to meet Geordie and Zaya who met while riding Ural bikes through the Siberian wilderness and now often trek the Snowy together. Their ride will take them from their home in Sydney, along the Hume and Monaro highways and through to Jindabyne where they will base themselves, ready to explore the roads up through Charlotte Pass and around through Adaminaby and beyond via the Snowy Mountains Highway.

 These roads are prone to the most extremes of Australia’s weather, with snow and ice in the winter and baking sun in the summer. But intermediate months, these roads attract groups of riders from all over the country.

 As regular riders of the Snowy, Geordie and Zaya are only too familiar with the challenges such a ride can bring. As such they come well prepared for the extremes of weather, packing multiple layers to dress up and down for the temperature changes. Riding through the altitude can also be more dehydrating than usual, so the pair will make sure to stop regularly to top up on water. As much as any rider would want to stay out and enjoy the stunning scenery, Geordie and Zaya are aware of the wildlife coming out at sun down and are sure to be off the road before it’s too dangerous to ride.


Regardless, a day to pass through the Snowy is often never enough, which is the main reason that sees Geordie and Zaya coming back to the area time and time again.


As I’m sure you will too.


Ride safe.