Roads We Ride: Commuting in Sydney

If you’re one of the lucky riders who gets to ride on a motorcycle to work each day, we salute you. But we also want to make sure you get to work and back home safely. For this ride (which may be different for everyone) we found our mate Jimi Swan, who has been regularly commuting into the city of Sydney on his trusty custom Royal Enfield G5. Fortunately, Sydney can be a pretty beautiful city to ride through, even if you are commuting.


Jimi takes us on his daily commute from the North Shore over the Spit and Harbour bridges and into the CBD, all while keeping himself out of harm’s way. For Jimi, the commute is his way of clearing his head on the way to and from work and reclaiming a bit of the day for himself.



gives me my time at the end of the day

Hopefully this episode will give you some extra awareness of how to keep safe while commuting for years to come.

Ride safe.