Roads We Ride

Firstly, yes, it's been a while. But there will be more, lots more, on it's way.

On with the post!

3 years ago this week we released the episode Romance, which quickly became a favourite amongst Stories of Bike followers. Chris and Karen’s story touched many hearts, even more so when Karen describes her wish for Chris to continue to ride after she is gone.

Today Chris, true to Karen’s wish, continues to ride regularly and make the most of one of the best roads in the Sydney area and which sits on his door step; The Putty Road.

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and Ride to Live commissioned Stories of Bike and Pipeburn to produce a motorcycle safety campaign with a difference, covering some of the most iconic roads in NSW and beginning with the Putty Road. TfNSW didn’t want to do the usual re-tread of the “do this, do that” format, but rather draw upon regular, experienced riders to tell us about their favourite road and how to make the most of it while staying safe. And Chris was a perfect choice for the first video in the four-part “Roads We Ride” series, featuring the Putty Road.

The Putty Road

Through the whole process TfNSW engaged us and the custom motorcycle community directly. They wanted to create a video that would inspire riders to head out to iconic roads such as the Putty Road, and have a local rider share their expertise on how to make the most of it while riding safely.

It was fantastic to be able to dip into Chris’ romance with riding once more and do so in one of the most beautiful parts of the greater Sydney area.

Tell us about your favourite road and the inside knowledge that keeps you coming back to it.