RIDERS - Trinia

Presenting the latest in the RIDERS series, featuring Trinia Cuseo, founder and curator at Hinterland Empire. 

I'm really enjoying working with Erik Jutras on this series. It's a chance for me to tell a short and sweet story without the more complex production values of a traditional Stories of Bike episode. With this episode, in particular, I would have loved to been able to spend some more time with Trinia as she has so much more to say than what you hear in this episode. In Erik's words; "she's a small business owner with killer style, a staunch advocate for women's/human/LGBTQ rights, and for her products to made in the good ol' USA."

Fortunately for those of you reading this, you can fine some great articles on Trinia at The Moto Lady and KymKemp.com, otherwise, just headover to www.hinterlandempire.com to see more of Trinia's handiwork.