New York Stories Winner

Well, I received a ton of submissions from NYC and all of them were a great read. It was fantastic to get such a sense of what it is to ride in New York City.

I only wish I had the time to shoot an episode on each one! Unfortunately, I'm only in town for a week and have a couple of days to shoot.

As for the winner, I can't say exactly what it was that made me choose her story. But I think it was a combination of re-discovering the City through her motorcycle, her home-town connections, the different aspects of her life and of course, her bike.

So, congratulations to Kristen Reed from Brooklyn, NYC.

You'll be seeing her story later this year.

To everyone who submitted their story, thank you so much for taking the time to do so. It was a pleasure to read every one. Who knows, you might find yourself featuring in another episode in the future!