Future Episodes for Season 2

With two episodes down for Season 2, I've already got another EIGHT episodes in various stages of production.

The next few episodes will be somewhat experimental in that I'll be trying some multi-part story telling. That is, telling a story over multiple videos.

Scene from Two Cities: Part 2

The first you've already seen, Two Cities: Part 1, a story about two community workshops in Sydney and Melbourne and their challenge to build a custom Harley Davidson FortyEight. Following on from this will be two more episodes for this "mini-series".

Jonathan preparing for his Sydney to London tour.

Jonathan, whom we introduced back in mid-March, has finally gotten underway with his adventure from Sydney to London on his slightly temperamental '69 Royal Enfield. Currently he is on his way to Darwin, riding alonside his Dad (also riding an Enfield). Jonathan will be sending back regular footage of his journey, which I'll be editing into a multi part story as he makes his way around the world.

We'll be completing final shots of Maria's episode this weekend!

I'll also have two more female rider stories. The first with Maria reliving a spur of the moment camping trip that she took with her best friend and how her Mum got her into riding. The 2nd with Zaya, who became the first Mongolian woman to ride solo from London to Ullaanbataar, capital of her home country.

Zaya on one of her travels.

Zaya on one of her travels.

Mark during one of many track/race days.

Mark during one of many track/race days.

The founder of Sydney Cafe racers, Mark Hawwa, will also be making an appearance with his reborn "Ton 2" custom SR500 in a very different style from our usual episodes.

But the biggest news is that we will, if all goes to plan, be shooting episodes in the US. I can't reveal the details of the episodes yet. But it's pretty exciting to be able to bring fully produced episodes from outside of Australia.