Forge Soundtrack

Personally, I love this soundtrack.

I've played it too many times, both to just sit and listen to and also to just have playing in the background. I actually think it's too good for a web video. It deserves to be in cinema supporting much better images on screen.

When I briefed my brother Jack for this episode I gave him Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang" as a reference and asked him record some tremolo guitar and to create something dark and a little bit mysterious. What he came back with blew me away.

He'd met with a friend of his, Ray Carter, a talented guitarist in Brisbane, and recorded about 8 minutes of freeplay. Jack then took the recording back to his studio along with timing notes from me and knocked the track out in a little over a day.

First time I heard it, I kept listening to it over and over just to let that sound melt over me.

So sit back, turn up the volume and let this track take you away for a few minutes.