Here's a list of the most common questions that we get asked PLUS some questions that we reckon we might be asked in the future. 

If your question isn't here, just ask away

Getting Involved

How can I get my bike and I featured as part of an episode?

It's pretty easy. There's just a few criteria you need to meet first:

  1. Live in the area around Sydney, Australia (we do plan to shoot interstate and internationally down the track). 
  2. Have a cool custom bike (it doesn't matter what kind, just that it's got character and no off the show-room floor production bikes)
  3. Have your riders' license (no suspensions) and be a competent rider
  4. Be prepared to give up a weekend (or two full days and maybe an evening) of your time. 

If all of the above works for you, just get intouch via this form


What kind of stories are you after?

Any kind of story really. I want to hear about why you ride and what got you riding in the first place. What does your bike mean to you and how does it make your life a better one?

If you're a builder, that's cool too. However, we don't have the resources to cover a total bike build process.


Shooting Stories of Bike

What gear do you use to record your videos with? 

 We have a fairly basic kit of gear that has been collected over the last few years, but we use a combination of stuff that changes depending on the kind of shoot that we do.

For interviews and static bike shots, we'll use a Canon 550D with Manfrotto 190X tripod and 501HDV video head. We'll occasionally use the Konova slider for the odd dramatic head shot too. For sound, we used the Rode Videomic for early episodes but have recently upgraded to a Sennheiser MKE 600 patched into an H4N Zoom recorder (as a preamp). For lighting we use basic halogen site lighting with a folding diffuser.

For on-road stuff we use the same camera but using a Camtree car mount (with added strapping for extra security). Occasionally, we'll finetune the camera (sitting externally on my car - and obviously not while driving) remotely via my laptop (using the standard Canon remote software)

I'll use a mix of a 10-22mm wide lens and 30mm, 50mm and 85mm prime lenses.

It's a simple kit, but it does the job of helping us to tell an effective story. 


How do you go about making your videos? 

We'll first start of with meeting a rider and pitching the Stories of Bike concept to them. Then if they're interested in getting involved, we'll sit down and have a chat to get some background info. It's here that we'll hear their various stories and pick up on one that we think is the most interesting.

We'll then schedule a two day shoot a month or two down the track and plan-out in my head how we'd like to tell their story, figuring out shots and locations that will compliment and enhance the overall story.

Once we get to shooting we'll shoot one location for the interview, two locations for the static bike shots and two locations for the on road shots. 

The editing, particularly piecing together the story itself, is the hardest part of the whole process and will actually consume the majority of our time in producing an episode.  It's like finishing a jigsaw puzzle without the box to guide you. All we can go on is to reach a feeling of it being just right; knowing that it's finished when it's finished.

From there we'll layer over all the other shots that underline certain points in the story. Once all the shots are sequenced we'll complete a colour grade and sound mix, while directing our composer, Jack, on completing music. 

The best way to describe the whole process is like sculpting with clay. You start with a lump of an idea and pull away the mass to get the the shape you see in your mind. 


What bike do you ride? 

Cam rides a slightly custom 1986 Honda GB250 (same base model as featured in Ep.1: Tunnels). But he doesn't get to ride it as much as he'd like and spends far too much money on it than he needs.